Primary Employers Tasmania
Chloe Bonney

Chloe Bonney
Posted on 25 August, 2022

Ag Card programme flourishes

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Primary Employers Tasmania are passionate about making employee relationships effective and efficient so that farmers can focus on farming rather than organising staff.

One of the programmes they run is Ag Card, helping to make life easier for employers and prospective employees.

The Ag card is a free training program that utilises online educational units to help keep employers, employees, and students on the same page when it comes to issues like safe farming, workers' rights, and wool harvesting.

Their newly added Biosecurity training module is especially relevant with the current Foot and Mouth Disease breakout in Bali being a potent reminder of the importance of keeping protocols consistent and staff vigilant.

Andrew Cameron executive officer and workplace relations officer explains:

“Since the Ag card launched two years ago, we’ve had over 2000 Tasmanians use the programme, this huge success has prompted other states and even New Zealand to pick up the programme.”

To learn more about Primary Employers Tasmania or the Ag Card programme head over to S73.