Agfest flying high
Andre Abrego

Andre Abrego
Posted on 03 May, 2019

Agfest flying high

Rotor lift offers rides while spreading their message.

Rotor Lift

If you have been walking around the Agfest site, you couldn’t help notice the buzz of helicopters in the sky.

This is because Rotor Lift is providing helicopter rides at the event.

“We’re here to support the community,” says Duncan Packington, a pilot with 27 years’ experience and a representative of Rotor Lift.

Mr Packington says Rotor Lift has several integral roles in the community, including working with the police, fire and ambulance.

Now in its fifth year at Agfest, Rotor Lift is here mainly for promotional purposes.

Rotor lift provided exceptional service during the Tasmanian bushfires that devastated the state over the summer.

Mr Packington’s job during the bushfires was to monitor areas in case another bushfire ignited due to soot and ash of nearby burning.

This is a tactic known as air attack, and involves multiple aircraft dedicated to one area.

Rotor Lift are offering flights around the Agfest site for $50.00 for the duration of the event.