Fostering growth for Tasmania Business
Chloe Bonney

Chloe Bonney
Posted on 26 August, 2022

Seedlab business incubator takes Tassie favourites to the next level

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Seedlab Tasmania is a business support program for Tasmanians looking to take their consumer products to the next level.

Seedlab’s incubator program bootcamp and accelerator program are completely free thanks to funding from the department of state growth, making business contacts and education more accessible than ever to businesses across that state.

"Participants are embraced by the Seedlab community all across the state who are there to support each other as well as educate’s a unique program there’s nothing like this anywhere being offered for free”, says founder and CEO Dr Hazel McTavish-West.

Seedlab offers three programs catering to the needs of different demographics in the Tasmanian business community. Seedlab Tasmania is the accelerator program for getting products on the shelves across the state; Seedlab Australia with a focus on expanding into the national market supported by Woolworth’s; and Seedlab Sister with a primary focus on Entrepreneurial females in Northern Tasmania.

Three of Seedlab’s past participants are present in the Woolworths pavilion this year, with crowds gathering for a chance to taste their wares: proof that seedlab provides businesses with the skills to succeed.

“I had a passion a to take my own business to the next level and it was difficult to know what information to trust and what advice to follow, the hard lessons of that experience inspired me to create Seedlab so those that came after me didn’t need to reinvent the wheel when it came to expanding their own ventures”.

Each member of Seedlab is a qualified consultant in their field with the knowledge and experience to support and nourish new business.

“It’s important for Tasmanian business to connect statewide and be able to foster national and even international connections that support and grow their business.”

For more information on Seedlabs fantastic programs head over to the Woolworth site at S49.