New Technology Teaching the Way of the Waves
Imogen Johnston

Imogen Johnston
Posted on 03 May, 2019

New Technology Teaching the Way of the Waves

A boat simulator is the latest training tool used by Tamar Sea Rescue Services, and representatives Matthew O’Neil and Mark Turmine are at Agfest this year to promote this cutting edge technology.

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The software is designed by Pivot Maritime, a local company based in Legana. The imaging is based on a fictional area, where local knowledge is of no benefit.

The simulator aims to teach people and recruits about the laws of the sea, including different speed limits, the port and starboard markers, and using tools such as the radar.

Matthew explained that the simulator allowed them to tailor the wind speed, wave height, and overall conditions, which challenged participants to learn and better their skills.

“People can get an idea of what to do in those situations, somewhere that they're not familiar with,” says Mark, the operations manager for Tamar Sea Rescue Services.

Matthew and Mark are hoping their simulator will generate more recruits here at Agfest.

To find out more visit them at site M66.