Scouting out new members
Jake Denton

Jake Denton
Posted on 07 May, 2023

Scouting out new members

Make sure if you’re visiting Agfest this year that you check out the Scouts. They are not hard to miss, all you need to do is look for the big tower.

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With an impressive bunch of equipment used in just some of their activities offered and professionals ready to help onsite, Scouts are seeking out new members that have a knack for thrill-seeking activities and want to learn new skills.

Scouts Branch Commissioner Andrew Thompson says it is great to see so many people have a go at their feature rock climbing and abseiling tower as those that have never done it before or thought about trying it can get a sense of the excitement behind these activities.

“It’s a great event. We’re all people from everywhere. There’s stuff here for kids, adults, farmers, and for the whole lot. It’s certainly a great setup and from our side of things we have many people taking the opportunity to have a go at our site.”

Problem-solving skills and responsibility through their programs will bring out the best in the youth attending and provide them with an experience they will never forget.

“Agfest is probably our biggest marketing and promotional event in the year as it gives us great visibility from the youth. We get a lot of new members that come from it. It really helps boosts public awareness.”

They are located at N73 on North Street.