A Wine in the Sun
Imogen Johnston

Imogen Johnston
Posted on 03 May, 2019

A Wine in the Sun

Moore’s Hill Vineyard’s Don Monk, shared the success of Tasmania’s only solar powered and energy efficient wine making facility with Bill Shorten, during the Opposition leader’s visit to the 2019 Agfest.

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Shorten, along with his deputy Tanya Plibersek, praised the vineyard as a successful business being run with renewable energy.

He even joked that Monk should join him on the campaign trail.

Monk says the set up costs of establishing renewable infrastructure at the vineyard would be off-set by the savings within five years.

“After that 5 years, we’ll actually be putting power back into the grid.”

At the vineyard the solar power fuels a wine making facility, cellar door, and the homestead. For Monk, the choice is a “no brainer.”

You can find Don Monk at Haddo’s Hotdogs, site S38-12.