Solar Interest Soars
Megan Oliver

Megan Oliver
Posted on 05 May, 2021

Solar Interest Soars

Powercom's business shines through the COVID-19 pandemic


The value of future proofing your home and changes in spending habits during the Covid pandemic has been a huge boost to solar energy experts Powercom.

Installing solar technology has become increasingly cost effective in recent years and provides a great return on investment. For many clients, the pandemic was the opportunity they needed to finally invest in solar says Powercom Business Development Manager Joe Hooker.

“Covid has been a massive driver because a lot of people that would have spent money on holidays are instead spending it to improve their homes, especially with the housing market going gang-busters like it is at the moment.”

“We’re one of the businesses that really benefited from it,” he added.

While there has been a significant increase in residential homes using solar power, Powercom is also helping farmers to power their own agricultural businesses.

“We work with Energy Return and Investments. We analyse their power consumption and work out how they can use the solar they produce rather than exporting it.”

Joe Hooker, who has worked with Powercom for three years, he has seen how important agriculture is in sustaining their business.

“Agfest is a core market for us. Agriculture is what we want to be involved in with solar. It is a really profitable thing for farmers to get involved with. It shows a really good return in investment.”

Mr. Hooker expects that while the gate numbers are limited this year, the extra day should help with making up the numbers, and anticipates that solar technology will be in higher demand than ever before.

Their site at Agfest is M79 on Main Street.