Mackenzie Stolp

Mackenzie Stolp
Posted on 03 May, 2019


Local business Sustomi are leading the march towards a ‘zero waste life’.

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Sustomi’s trendy and unique beeswax wraps, produce bags, lunch bags and more are perfect for creating a sustainable kitchen by reducing plastics and single-use food protection.

Not only are the items a great alternative, they also help sustain food freshness for longer than plastic containers and coverings.

Sustomi first launched their products at Agfest 2015 and have been coming back ever since.

“Because we’re local Tasmanians, we love supporting Tassie and also it’s a really great home for our product” Says Christina Graham, who is helping out at the Agfest stall while company owner Bronwyn Kidd was promoting the items in Sydney.

The company recently branched out into national and international markets and are ready to cover the world in their beeswax wraps.

Photo by Rainer Curcio