Cleanna Terry-Chilcott

Cleanna Terry-Chilcott
Posted on 06 May, 2021

It’s All-Good Luck

Sam Luck a third-generation manager of Allgoods is gearing up for another big year at Agfest.

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Debuting their biggest site to date, Allgoods bustling. Filled to the brim with prices so competitive they give their own permanent stores around Tasmania a run for their money.

“It’s such a good change of pace. It’s good to just be out here talking to people” says Sam.

Founded in 1946 as an outlet for Army surplus gear, Allgoods's three stores are a Tasmanian institution. Sam has has worked for the family business since he was 15. He estimates he’s been to about a decade worth of Agfests.

“We have a strong relationship with Rural Youth and the rural community."

You can find the Allgoods site at M59, Main Street.