Say Cheese
Jake Denton

Jake Denton
Posted on 04 May, 2023

Say Cheese with Ashgrove Dairy

Ashgrove proudly displays its connection to rural Tasmania through the promotion of a family farming brand, distinguishing them from other competitors in the market.

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Marketing Manager Anne Bennett says their brand is upheld through distinctly rural family values.

“We are farmers. Agfest allows us a platform to connect with other businesses and share their work”.

As a brand, they stand out by expressing Tasmanian values and production, upholding values that demonstrate the premium quality behind their products that come from a natural environment.

Ashgrove places focus on maintaining a visually striking brand in their presentation at Agfest this year. Brand architecture has been taken into consideration, using their main display of the yellow truck to represent their key imagery and applying simple print and font to simplify the message of their wide range of products on display.

This year, Ashgrove advertises three tiers of products, offering a range of chilled products, ambient cheese snacks, and merchandise specifically related to its brand. Many consumers are sure to be seen walking around wearing all sorts of cheese and cow-related attire.

Ashgrove is partnered with the nonprofit organisation “Life Without Barriers”, promoting the needs for foster care, aged care, mental health, and disability services. The brand is also involved with the McGrath Foundation, raising money for Breast Care in nursing in Tasmania for women and men affected.

“Tasmania is the only state in Australia that’s generated an interest in foster caring, an upward trajectory through continual involvement of these events and the connections formed through them.”

Ashgrove is located at M23 on Main Street.