MAST Raising the Sail of Safety at Agfest
Zeke Gaffney

Zeke Gaffney
Posted on 06 May, 2021

MAST Raising the Sail of Safety at Agfest

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) wants to keep you safe on the water.


MAST is Tasmania’s statutory authority ensuring safe operation of vessels, providing, and managing marine facilities, and managing environmental issues relating to vessels.

The message this year is about making sure people are safe on the water, and if you buy a second-hand boat, it’s up to safety standards. MAST want people to fully enjoy their boats and support the Tasmanian boating industry.

Agfest is MAST’s biggest event this year. Alongside the Agfest boat show, MAST has a stand highlighting the hidden dangers that can come with second-hand boats.

“People can buy cheap, second-hand boats on Gumtree or Facebook Market Place and don’t look into what could go wrong,” says MAST’s Keegan Higgs.

MAST is emphasising safety gear maintenance, gear location and fast access, making mayday calls, and informing all passengers of gear locations.

Overall, Tasmania’s compliance rate with wearing life jackets, carrying safety gear and knowing what to do is very good, says Keegan.

For more information, Tasmanians can subscribe to MAST’s newsletter on their website, and download the Deckee app for a one-stop-shop for all boaters, sailors and anglers.