Tasmanian products and silver service a hallmark for bedding provider
Hayden Cornes

Hayden Cornes
Posted on 25 August, 2022

Tasmanian products and silver service a feature for bedding provider

Forty Winks is helping those in the country count sheep from their bedroom.

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“We’ve got the Tasmanian-made King Coil mattresses and bases, we’ve got them on special and we also do free delivery all over the state,” says Forty Winks store manager Michael Jackson.

He says Agfest is a proud time to put local products on display and gives him the chance to meet plenty of locals.

“It’s a totally different market to what we normally have in the store. Many people in the country need deliveries to their doorstep, so we do all that”, says Michael.

Michael and Forty Winks have been coming to Agfest for around a decade and showing the brand’s latest products is a highlight. This includes chiropractic beds that use the latest technology.

“We basically have a replica of what King Coil has in our store but the latest ones. A lot of new technology like some have special fabrics on them for the dissipation of heat,” he added.

To find out how you can have the best night’s sleep, visit Forty Winks at site 821 in Eighth Avenue.