Gaunts Farm upholds family legacy at Agfest
Paige Thompson

Paige Thompson
Posted on 26 August, 2022

Gaunts Farm upholds family legacy at Agfest

From paddock to Agfest: Gaunts Farm has brought their products straight from the family farm.


With a rich history and four generations of work and stories, family-owned Gaunts Farm is a popular stall at Agfest.

Their stall showcases a selection of delectable lamb and beef products, sourced straight from the family farm located roughly 90 minutes away from Quercus Park.

The commitment and preparation required to cater for an event as large as Agfest is huge. Adrian from Gaunts Farm says that they have been preparing the meat for the pulled lamb rolls for over three months now, using a friend’s pizza oven to help with the twelve-hour cooking process.

“We’re really passionate about connecting with the community and establishing that paddock to plate mentality with our farm”, Adrian says.

“People can come to Agfest and sample the produce, potentially buy a beef or lamb pack, then maybe visit the farm for one of our open days”.

On Thursday afternoon, Gaunts Farm were awarded the site award for Best Taste in their first Agfest appearance.

Make sure to visit Gaunts Farm located at S106-108 on First Avenue, in Quercus Tastes #1.