Andre Abrego

Andre Abrego
Posted on 04 May, 2019

Brewery having a devil of a time at Agfest

Devil’s Brewery has been making the most of the Agfest experience.

“This is only our fifth year as a brewing company, and it’s our third year at Agfest,” says David Tottle, the cook, chief and head bottle washer at Devil’s Brewery.
“We make cider and ginger beer in Tinderbox, Tasmania, and we use a small, family business run brewery in Launceston,” says David.

Devil’s Brewery has recently been picked up by BWS and Dan Murphy’s and is growing as a business. David says that despite the growth his business stays true to its beginnings and is still rather boutique.

Proudly keeping with Tasmanian produce, Devil’s Brewery Enigma Pils is made with enigma hops which are grown out of Bushy Park Tasmania.

Devil’s Brewery is also a proud supporter sponsor of Agfest 2019