Orion’s products are ‘Tassie proud’.
Lily Thomson

Lily Thomson
Posted on 05 May, 2023

Orion’s products are ‘Tassie proud’.

They may be Tasmanian-based and manufactured but Orion supplies rainwater tanks and storage bins to the whole nation.


Dale Cox, Orion Director, says he has been lucky enough to travel to a lot of impressive places however can’t see Orion tanks being manufactured anywhere else.

“I get to travel because of where our business takes us, but I just can’t help coming back to Tasmania”.

Dale can’t quite put his finger on what exactly attracts him to state however says you can’t beat the Tasmanian people.

“There more to life than business but I like doing work with people from Tasmania.”

After 25 years of business Dale says Orion has a great reputation with the locals.

“There is a challenge with running a business in Tasmania, we’re a bit remote, that’s probably not the case in other parts of the country. But I enjoy the challenge”.

This is also the second year that Orion is running the “dig-deep for Ukraine” fundraiser where people can buy a $5 green shovel and all proceeds go to charity organisations such as Unicef and Red Cross to help fund humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Last year Orion raised around $10, 000 and are hoping to do even better this year.

“Especially last year people were concerned about the war but didn’t know how to help”.

The Orion exhibit is located at site 828.