Xtreme products has you covered for extreme weather
Paige Thompson

Paige Thompson
Posted on 25 August, 2022

Xtreme products has you covered for extreme weather

Louis and the team at Xtreme Products has you covered for all your PPE and weather gear.

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You never really know what the weather could do in Tasmania, but thankfully Xtreme Products has you sorted.

The local and family-owned company has a large range of PPE and wet weather gear. Suitable for everybody, from milking and riggers gloves to first aid kits and warm jackets. If you need safety or wet weather gear, Xtreme Products is the place to be.

Xtreme Products is also the Tasmanian distributor of the beloved brand, Guy Cotten, which produces tough and durable wet weather gear.

Now with a few years at Agfest under their belt, Xtreme Products has built a loyal customer base at Quercus Park.

“Every year we have customers coming back, saying ‘hello’ and letting us know that the gear they purchased in previous years is working well and lasting. It’s great hearing the success stories of all the customers and they never look back on buying our gear”, Louis of Xtreme Products says.

“It’s just a really great opportunity to help out the Tassie farmers,” Louis adds.

This year, Louis and the team at Xtreme Products have brought new lightweight, waterproof jackets and pants, a product that’s exclusive to them.

If you need a hand with PPE or wet weather gear, make sure to pop into Xtreme Products at N86 on North Street.