How the sausage gets made
Jake Denton

Jake Denton
Posted on 05 May, 2023

How the sausage gets made

Gaunts Farm is letting the public know about their farming and meat practices as well as some of their new food options on display.

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This year, Adrian and his crew have expanded to include a coffee option, homemade treats, and added a loaded sausage to spice things up on the menu. They are really excited for Agfest to show people what they have to offer.

“We’ve stuck with our roots, expanding our products with a guarantee that everything offered has been grown and prepared by our family farm based in Nietta in northwest Tasmania.”

Over the last three years, Gaunts Farm has been working through a farm succession, from one generation to the next. This has all been a part of expanding their farm offerings and preparing for the future.

All of their meat is hand raised by Adrian’s family so he understands that the nose-to-tail principle in using all the product is important, as well as many other farming practices.

“We are really mindful about best practice animal husbandry and welfare, ensuring that what we do is best practice. We use a product called Numnuts, an analgesic pain medication provided at the time of marking the animals, which takes away the acute pain experience.”

Gaunts Farm is mindful that each year they do something that will expand on what is up to offer while also bringing back some festival favourites including their lamb bacon which continues to be a big hit year after year.

Gaunts Farm is located at 834 on Eighth Avenue.