Paige Thompson

Paige Thompson
Posted on 24 August, 2022

The possibilities are endless at the Defence Force tent

There is truly something for everybody at the Defence Force Recruiting tent.

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Weapon displays, heavy vehicles, helicopter simulators, and robots... The Defence Force Recruiting tent has big machinery.

But as Flight Sergeant Phillip Duggan says the Australian Defence Force has opportunities for people with a wide range of skills and interests. There’s “something for everybody”, he says.

“A lot of people think of soldiers or pilots, but there are so many other jobs in the Australian Defence Force. There’s engineering, IT, chefs… all kinds of different jobs”.

The Defence Force Recruiting tent is full of inquisitive minds, with the specialised staff answering any questions about the process of recruiting and eligibility requirements, as well as more information on the diverse range of jobs available.

The Defence Force Recruiting’s stalwart presence at Agfest has allowed them to become more accessible for people that are interested in joining the Australian Defence Force, particularly those that live rurally.

“We’re here to give them that information and show them the possibilities of what they can do”.

You can find the Defence Force Recruiting tent at M39 on Main Street.