It is (Wool)worths your while to buy Tasmanian.
Zeke Gaffney

Zeke Gaffney
Posted on 06 May, 2021

It is (Wool)worths your while to buy Tasmanian.

Supermarket Woolworths are bringing Tasmanian producers and the public together to strengthen support of local Tasmanian produce under their big brand value.


Woolworths have 9 stalls with tastings inside their tent at Agfest 2021. “All the vendors in there behind them are the farmers, the actual people who own the business,” Site Manager Wes Polden says.

Woolworths has been coming to Agfest for five years. Wes says it’s a great opportunity to showcase and support Tasmanian producers.

“If we want to say we are local, we need to look after the locals.”

A lot has changed in five years, but Woolworths’s commitment to local fresh Tasmanian produce and producers has remained consistent.

The numbers show that local businesses showcased by Woolworths at Agfest see an increase in sales, “and that’s what we want for them,” says Wes.

Woolworths have also sent out a special Agfest Woolworths catalogue across the state for the first time this week.

“Everything you see in our marquee has actually been put on special for two weeks.”

So come on by the Woolworths tent at site S49 along south street at Agfest and have a chat with some Tasmanian producers, or pick up a special on some of the best food and drink the state has to offer.