The heart of an Eagle
Chloe Bonney

Chloe Bonney
Posted on 25 August, 2022

The heart of an Eagle

AGFEST favourite Eddie Freeman secures Milwaukee sponsorship

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Wood carving artist Eddie Freeman steals the show in the Milwaukee tent this year with an impressive display of woodworking skill.

Eddie has been finessing his craft for the crowds at AGFEST for the last 35 years but is proud to be sponsored by Milwaukee this year. Stemming from his work as a timber faller, Eddie has a passion for working with wood and can turn anything into a masterpiece.

“I was taking out some trees on a friend of mine's farm and his young son came up to me with a chunk out of the discard pile and said to me, 'could you carve this into an eagle for me'?”

Not one to be daunted by a challenge, Freeman has been working on the elaborate piece throughout AGFEST and his proficiency in the Milwaukee tools he wields is evident in the craftsmanship of his sculpture.

“It’s about knowing the wood you’re working with so well you can almost x-ray the timber with your eyes before cutting into it” Eddie says, as he carves delicate feathers into a new slab with his chainsaw.

Having been such a longstanding exhibitor, Eddie is full of stories from Agfests past, reminiscing about chairs he carved for young children 30 years ago.

“It’s great to see them still coming, and to hear that they still have that chair I carved for them when they were little and that their kids use it now”

Not to be missed Eddie can be found at the Nubco site M30 in the Milwaukee tent.